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How do I transfer my site from another host to MKhost?

Do you have problems with your hosting provider? Do you pay a lot of money? The support from the current host is bad? Do you have to call your hosting provider for any site change? Do you have to contact the hosting provider to create a new email address? Is your web site opening slowly? Most of the time the web site doesn’t work?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then you should immediately transfer your web site to MKhost servers.

What is the procedure for transferring my site to MKhost Servers?

The fastest and easiest way you can transfer the site to MKhost is by following these 5 steps:

  1. Choose one of the hosting packages we offer on our web site:
    All hosting packages have similar features, differing only in terms of hosting space, as well as monthly transfer and number of domains you can host on the given hosting package. If your web site weighs less than 1000mb then you can purchase the first BASIC package. This choice would be ideal if you do not plan to host more domains in the near future, and you do not plan to upgrade the site and need more space. In the future, in any time you can switch from one package to another.
  2. Complete the order and pay the generated provisional invoice.
    When you are already determined and know which hosting package will be appropriate for your web site, click on the Order button. Immediately in the first step of the purchase order, you will be asked if you want MKhost to register a new domain for you, or you already have your domain name. You will select the second option, because you already have your own domain name and you will fully complete the order. Upon completion of the order, a provisional invoice with a unique number will be generated. You can pay the provisional invoice on our bank account or online with a credit / debit card. Immediately after payment, MKhost activates and sets the hosting package. If you pay by a credit card, the activation is automatic and you will receive the hosting right away. You will receive all information about logging, explanations, etc. by e-mail.
  3. Transfer the site from the old hosting provider to MKhost.
    If this procedure seems complicated, MKhost is here to help you. We can even make this whole transfer for you. You’ll just need to provide us with the login information from the old hosting provider and enjoy while we do the transfer.
    Now, you will have two active hosting accounts. The old hosting, as well as the new one from MKhost you’ve just got. Now, it is necessary to transfer the files, as well as all services from the old host to MKhost. You already have the login information. You need to start downloading all the files and directories from the old host. You can execute the download through FTP access (Filezilla is a great client application for using the FTP protocol). You retrieve all the information from the old host on your local computer.When you already have all the data on your local computer, perform compression / zipping in one .zip file. This file contains all your site data (except bases and emails if any). You attach the zip file to the new host (through FTP) from MKhost and place it in the public_html directory. You immediately log in to the cPanel Control Panel and select File Manager. Now you will see the zip file. Select it by clicking on it and then select the Extract option. This will unzip all the host information to the host at MKhost. After you’ve finished unzipping the information, delete the .zip file.With this action, you have transferred all the files and folders from the old host to the new host.

    If you had certain mySQL databases on the old host, you need to transfer them as well. If you do not know how to make Backup on your old host database, then contact the hosting provider to explain you, or send you the backup file (.sql) from the database.Once you have it and you have created base backup, you will need to restore it to the MKhost server. Log in to cPanel and go to mySQL Databases section. Create a new database. When you’ll create it, return one level back, in the Home of cPanel, and select the function: PHPMYADMIN. Click on the database you’ve created and select IMPORT. Select the .sql file from your computer and run the upload. If you haven’t received errors, the database was successfully imported and restored on our host server. Then, you need to create a database user name and set these connection configurations in the connection file of the software the database uses.If this procedure seems complicated, MKhost is here to help you. We can even make this whole transfer for you. You’ll just need to provide us with the login information from the old host and enjoy while we do it
  4. Re-create email addresses (if you use email boxes).
    If you have used email addresses on the old host, then you’ll need to create the addresses on the host at MKhost. Simply log in to cPanel, and in the Email Accounts section, create your addresses with the passwords you want.
  5. Change your domain’s name servers (DNS servers).
    When we have already transferred the entire site along with all the services, you can take a breath. There is one more step left that you’ll need to do to complete the entire transfer.

    If you use a Macedonian domain - you will need to send a request to change the name servers (DNS servers) to Marnet - Macedonian registrar of Internet domains. When they receive the request they will make the change, and your site will already work on the MKhost servers.
    If you use an international domain (com / org / net) etc., then you yourself can change the DNS servers by logging in to the panel for domain management of the registrar where you’ve purchased the domain. If you want, you can transfer the international domain to MKhost. For any additional questions about the transfer process of hosting / domain contact us.