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We have a special summer offer!

If you launch your online store with MKhost between 15.07.2022 and 15.09.2022, you will receive a 20% discount on the official price.
Note: Each online store has a unique price that is defined depending on the client's requirements. For more information, send us a quote or contact our team.

What will make your online store unique?

Your online store will have several possibilities which will increase the customer’s experience.
Online assistant

A virtual employee who will take care of interactive support for all of your visitors.

Involvement of AI

Improving user experience through artificial intelligence and automation using machine learning.

Possibility for mobile app

Ability to develop Android and iOS mobile applications for online shops.

3D view of the product

Your customers can have the best visual representation of the product they buy online.

Dynamic discounts

A dynamic discount is a solution that improves the customer's profitability by reducing the product’s price.

Online chat

Connect with your users quickly and easily through one of the most popular communication tools.

Online payment

Integration of payment methods that will help your users to pay for your product online in a safe and easy way.

Advanced product filtering

Users want to have choices about how they view products on your site.

Dynamic Ship Pricing

Setting a customized delivery price, depending on the specific area in which the product is delivered.

Order Statistics Module

See your orders and sales and track the direction of your online business.

Module for printing invoices

Get an appropriate invoice design with your distinctive colors, font, and logo.

Advertising module

Get the opportunity to place quality ads on the site. Easy implementation with Google.

Shipping Tracking

As one of the most important branches in the online business, it is crucial to monitor the progress of orders from your users.

Size recommendation tools

Your users can get personalized recommendations based on their data.

Loyalty Program

Implementation of a loyalty program and rewarding loyal users of your business.

Benefits of owning an online store:

Today, every business must have a quality online store if they want to keep up with the modern world. It brings many benefits, both for the owner and for the users.

Your online store is open 24/7

Sales of products and services all over the world, It is a more cost-effective compared to a physical store

Offering a large amount of information

Our portfolio of online shops

We have experience with more than 50 websites we have created for our clients. See some of the online shops that we have implemented.
EuroprintyOnline shop for different types of materials


A company that operates in Albania and Kosovo and is engaged in the sale of various types of products and services.

Made with WordPress

Online sales system through WooCommerce

Implementation of payment on delivery

Rules for categorization and variable products

Integration with social media, Google Ads и Google Translate

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