SSL Certificates

Our SSL Certificates provide your website with the highest levels of security. Secure your e-commerce transactions, passwords, credit card numbers, and your customer information.
In order to activate an SSL certificate, you must have an active hosting in MKhost.

Personal SSL

Сертификат наменет за безбеден персонален веб сајт.

10.89 EUR/year

E-commerce SSL

За безбеден и професионален e-commerce веб сајт.

33 EUR/year

Multi SSL

Сертификат наменет за сите поддомени на еден веб сајт.

113.85 EUR/year
Secure 1 domain
Better Google ranking
99% support for browsers
Strong data encryption
Free installation
Secure online transactions
Dedicated IP adress
Protects all subdomains

Why purchase SSL for your website?

SSL certificates secure your website and your customers information, so that any information enetered on any page is always protected

Better Google ranking

The world's largest search engine is crucial for your organic development and the expansion of the customer base and customer base. By adding the https: // protocol, you will also improve your position and rankings on Google

Greater customer trust

By adding an SSL certificate, your website gets a Secure button that is a guarantee for visitors that the place safe to use or leave data online purchase

Secure acceptance of credit cards

The SSL certificate enables secure online credit card transactions using your web site, allowing users to feel safe when using your services

Data protection

The SSL certificate protects the sensitive information of your visitors and customers by encrypting the data they send with you. After you receive them, they are decrypted

How do SSL Certificates work?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology used to establish a secure encrypted connection between a browser (user's computer) and a server (your website).
SSL Certificates secure sensitive data, such as credit card information, logins, passwords, forms and all over data exchanged during each user visit (session).

Free AutoSSL certificate with every hosting plan

With every purchased hosting plan, all MKhost clients get a free AutoSSL sertificate which is installed by default

Non-trusted let's encrypt SSL certificate

Intended for all domains and subdomains of hosting

Better Google search rating for improved SEO

Professional look for your online business

Free installation