A home for your website

You are probably wondering how one website can operate. Do you know that the components of one web site are similar like those of a one average home?


Each website starts with a location

As each home requires a physical address in order to exist, each website needs a virtual address, called a domain.
Websites have a hidden advantage – you can choose your own address name, if it's available!
How do you choose an ideal Internet address?
Your internet address (domain name) should be short, simple, and easy to remember. You can also choose from a variety of different extensions like .mk and .com.

Each website needs space

Each home has a physical space where it is built. Websites also require space in order to be built. That space is called hosting. That hosting space can be shared (part of a larger server), or dedicated (your own server).
Websites have another advantage over homes - their space is not limited and can be constantly upgraded.
How much space on the internet would be enough for you?
Different websites have different needs. Some need only a small home, while other require a large home that can accomodate lots of furniture (website space), and lots of guests (bandwidth).
Excellent for small and initial websites
2 GBSpace
100 GBbandwidth
Ideal for a larger number of websites
10 GBSpace
500 GBbandwidth
Suitable for large and multiple websites
30 GBSpace
700 GBbandwidth

Every website needs unique design

Once the location and space have been defined, the next step is to arrange the home according to the wishes of its owner.
The most important part of a website is its design! With our Premium package, it's never been easier to have a perfectly designed website!

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