WHOIS for .mk domains

The WHOIS service allows you to check the owner information of a specific .mk domain.

What is the WHOIS service for .mk domains?
WHOIS information is public, and available to anyone who searches the WHOIS database. Our WHOIS service can check the following information for a domain:

Registrant information

Administrative contact

Technical contact

DNS servers (nameservers) of the domain name

Can I protect my privacy for .mk domains?

According to the MARnet rulebook, domain privacy is not available for .mk domains.

Visit the MARnet rulebook to find out more about registering a .mk domain.

Can I use privacy protection on my international domains?

Yes, MKhost offers privacy protection as an additional service for international domain registrations.

If you purchase this addon, your WHOIS information will be hidden and will not be shown in the WHOIS databases.