New domain extensions

Find the right domain extension with our brand new TLD-s including .design, .coffee and .travel

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The new TLDs were introduced in 2013 by ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), as a result from a global demand from the Internet community
As of 2017 there are over 500 nTLD-s available for registration. It is expected that this number will grow to over 1,000 in the next few years
Why should I or my business register a nTLD?

There are a number of benefits when registering a nTLD. Some of them are

Improved chances to find the perfect domain name

Make yourself or your business stand out from the generic TLDs

Make your domain more memorable to your customers

Will there be additional nTLDs available for registration?

MKhost will continue to expand the selection of nTLDs offered. We aim to offer up to 20 nTLDs by the end of the year

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