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Differences between Linux and Windows hosting platforms

If you are planning to run your own website, one of the more frequently asked questions is on which platform it will belong. The most used platforms are: Windows and Linux / Unix.

Between these two platforms there is a fundamental difference and, depending on the needs, we will help the users in their choice.


Linux / Unix web hosting


Much more accessible than the Windows platform, Linux / Unix is ​​the most used host platform for users. The main reason for this is that it has a high reputation for speed and stability that has

been proven for years.

Linux / Unix platform supports numerous programs, applications, databases and languages ​​such as: PHP, Perl, PostGre, MySQLPostGreSQL. The only disadvantage is that it is not fully

compatible with Microsoft technologies.


If you decide to install forum (phpbb2, vbulletin, simplemachines ...) or maybe a blog (wordpress ...) or CMS (Joomla, PhpNuke, PostNuke ...) then the Linux platform will be ideal

for your hosting.


Windows web hosting

Windows hosting is a good option for the clients using Microsoft’s technologies. This web hosting is a Microsoft product so it can be easily integrated with other services. Windows web

hosting supports a number of additional scripts such as ColdFusion, and Access and MSSQL databases.


Security factor

Unlike Windows servers that are increasingly exposed to virus attacks and various other harmful things we already know, Linux servers are more protected and more resistant to attacks. They are more secure and more protected within access to files / permissions, etc.


Price factor

The biggest difference between these two platforms is actually their price. Windows platform is much more expensive than Linux / Unix just because of the fact that in order to use the Windows platform a registration is necessary requiring extra costs.


Which platform to use for hosting purchase?

The most commonly asked question among users of hosting services is which hosting platform to choose, a Windows server or a Linux server. The confusion comes when users think they should purchase Windows hosting because they work on a Windows operating system or because if they purchase Linux hosting, Windows OS users will not be able to open and view their website.

These observations are incorrect. The difference, as we have stated above, is in relation to the server side, and not in relation to the client side. So if you buy a hosting space on a Linux server, all users regardless of what operating system they use will be able to open your website and be in contact with you.

Most often, our customers purchase Windows hosting packages if they need to use Access / MSSQL databases, as well as use the .NET technology for their created web pages.

If you host a plain HTML / PHP website that does not require or require MySQL databases, then your ideal hosting package would be on a Linux platform.