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Creating FTP Accounts and linking


FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a protocol which function is communication and data exchange between client and server. The client can upload, download, delete, rename, move and copy data from the server. First, the client needs to log on to the server, which requires an FTP account, and the communication between them can begin.

Using the predefined FTP account


Each client has its own predefined FTP account, and the username and password are the same ones used when logging in on the user panel (cPanel). If the client logs in with these data, the connection is at the location- Home. If there is no need for other accounts, it is best to use this pre-defined FTP account. Creating additional FTP accounts and the client connection with the server will be explained below in this tutorial.


Creating an FTP account


1. Log in to your control panel

2. In the Files section, click on FTP accounts


ftp account

3. Fill in the following sections:

  - the username that you log in with. When logging in, you need to type your username along with the domain name (in this case

  - login password

  - directory to allow access.

4. Click Create FTP Account

add ftp account

In the FTP Accounts section, you can see the accounts created so far and change the password, quota, delete the account, or download the configuration file through which you can set up the FTP client. This option will be explained in more details below in this tutorial.


Connecting the client to the server


To enable communication between the client and the server, it is necessary for the client (or the computer that connects to the server) to have FTP client software installed- through which the connection will be enabled. In this tutorial, the communication through the FileZilla client will be reviewed, more specifically the two ways of access will be explained - through the predefined and newly created FTP account.


Connection through the predefined FTP account


In this tutorial, we will explain two methods that you can use to connect through the predefined FTP account:


1. Manual data writing

For a quick connection to the server side, it is only necessary to write the server name or its IP address in the host name section (these data will be sent by mail), in the username section write the username of your hosting, and in the password section the password you use to login to your cPanel. In Ports, enter 21 for the default FTP communication. Then click on Quick Connect and the communication will be established.



2. Linking through Site Manager

If a problem occurs by handwriting the data, you can save the login information through Site Manager. Select File -> Site Manager and by clicking New Site a new connection is being created. In the Host, User and Port section you write the same data as in manual writing. In the Encryption section, select - Only use plain FTP. In the Logon Type section, if you select Ask for password, the password will be requested after clicking Connect. The password can be saved if in Logon Type you select Normal. The connection will be made after clicking the Connect button.

By doing this, the connection is saved and in future, you can connect to the server only by clicking on the appropriate connection through Site Manager.

Connect to newly created FTP account


The connection to a newly created FTP account can be performed in two ways - through the configuration file and manually:


Connection through the configuration file


For this kind of connection, you need to download the configuration file in the part of already created FTP accounts from cPanel.

Click on Configure FTP Client for the specific username, and by clicking on the FTP Configuration File, the download of the configuration file will automatically begin.

Please note where the file is saved, which will later be inserted when setting the client in FileZilla.

Special FTP Accounts

Open FileZilla. Through File -> Import, insert the previously downloaded file.

To connect to the server, click File -> Site manager, and select the specific connection (represented by or through the user name). Then, click Connect to enter the previously created password.


Linking by manual data writing


For this kind of connection, you need to know the name of the server or its IP address and write it in the Host name section. These data will be sent to you by mail. In the username section, you need to type the username ( and the password, as well as the connection port (21 for the base, and 22 for the secure communication). Then click on Quick Connect.


Communication through client and server


The left part represents the client part, and in the right, the directories and files of the connected server are listed.

Setting up existing files / directories is done by drag and drop - only the given file from the client (left) part is taken, and it is dragged to the server part.

Downloading a file / directory from the server part is done by right clicking and the option - Download. In the same way you can delete, rename and copy as well as create a new directory or file.


To disconnect from the server, just click Server -> Disconnect. 


Connection problems between client and server


If there are multiple connections, whether it is from the same account or from another, there may be a problem with too many connections. To eliminate this problem, you need to log in to your cPanel, and click on FTP Connections.


ftp connections


In the Current Connections section, all current connections are listed. To disconnect unnecessary connections, click Disconnect on the specific account.