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MKhost Legal

We value your privacy. Find out more about our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Privacy Policy

The authorized legal entity behind this privacy policy is MKHOST DOOEL.

General provisions

MKHOST will not sell your submitted information, or any piece of information to a third party.
MKHOST does not sell or rent its clients- lists to third parties. MKHOST can contact you on behalf of other business partners about relevant offers that may be of interest to you. In these cases, your personal information (e-mail, name, address, telephone number) is not, and will not be trusted to third parties.
The registration form on our site during order performance requires users to give us contact information (such as name, surname, organization name, address, postal code, contact telephone number, email). This information MKHOST uses for contact by mail (sending invoices and other documents, user verification). Also during the registration of an international domain name or Macedonian domain (.mk), the registrar requires contact information for each domain, for the domain to be successfully registered and active, as well as to know its owner. These data that will be entered upon registration of the domain are publicly published on the registrars whois servers.
This site contains links to other sites. MKHOST is not responsible for the privacy, the way of work or the content of these websites.
The data collected through MKHOST are used for statistical purposes only, and not for monitoring activity of individual users.
In case of a criminal investigation, MKHOST will adhere to the applicable laws of R.M. and the data collected with the activity of the website will be available to law enforcement only with a valid court order, with the exception of cases of abuse of their information system or website when the logs can be examined and analyzed in pre-trial proceedings.

Using cookies (Cookies)

MKHOST uses "cookies" for personalizing your search on the Internet and performing a specific order. A cookie is a text file that is transmitted through the server to your hard drive and stored in your web browser. Cookies can-t be used to work with programs or to transmit viruses to your computer. Cookies are uniquely assigned and can be read only from the domain of the web server previously issued to you.
One of cookies primary purposes is to make your Internet browsing easier and more efficient. The cookie indicates the web server that you have returned to a specific page and it keeps your personal information so you do not have to enter data each time you visit a new MKHOST website.
You have the possibility to accept or decline cookies. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but there is a possibility to change the settings in your browser to reject some or all cookies. If you refuse you will not be enjoying the full interactive experience provided by MKHOST and you will miss certain features of the website.

Other data

MKHOST uses your IP address to help diagnose server problems as well as to administrate your website.
For comparative analysis, MKHOST uses Google Analytics. Through Google Analytics there is an access to the following visitors- data: IP address, browser, operating system, date and time of access, referrer (previously visited web address) and visited websites from the site in which the Google Analytics code is embedded. These data are not publicly available and are only used for statistical analysis.
Personal data regarding credit cards are not processed by MKHOST therefore they can-t be stored and used for any purpose. All payment details and credit cards are processed by the system of HalkBank AD Skopje.
If you have any questions concerning this privacy statement, the way of work or your experience of this website, you can contact us on:

Terms of service

With any use of services provided by MKhost you agree without any restrictions to all terms and conditions outlined below. Please read carefully all segments of these terms of service as they accentuate your rights, legal obligations and restrictions.

Short description of Terms

1. Any kind of spamming is prohibited.
2. MKhost services must not be exploited for illegal trade - selling, buying or bidding and extortion of any illegal things, including piracy, illegal substances, weapons, etc.
3. Pornographic contents are permitted if they meet the pornography criteria and do not violate existing laws.
4. Speech / language displayed on websites or domains that promotes hatred and discrimination in any way is not allowed.
5. Any distribution of material that violates copyrights or rights of registered marks is prohibited and the user will be removed immediately if spotted by MKhost-s administrators.
6.All users if considered as MKhost service abusers, or if associated with illegal activities, are subjected to surveillance and control by authorized persons - MKhost administrators or authorized persons from government institutions.
7. MKhost reserves the right, but is not in charge, to inspect and regulate the contents of its clients, and if they violate the terms of use, remove users- accounts or refuse service delivery.
8. MKhost-s clients agree that they won-t take any measures against MKhost in any case.

Detail condition description

1. MKhost reserves the right without prior notice to modify the terms of use. MKhost service users are obligated without any limitation to accept newly submitted conditions.
2. MKhost has the right without prior notice to suspend, limit or restrict / stop clients- services that would violate MKhost-s terms of use or the existing laws. MKhost also reserves the right to request authorized Government services to provide the information they have for a specific user if it is established that it will help the process led by authorized services. In such case, you agree that without time limitations, you won-t consider MKhost responsible.
3. You agree in the process of initial and all other additional registrations for using MKhost services to provide valid and correct information. You also agree that if there is a change in the required registration information you will notify MKhost on time.
4. After debt payment for using the services or after the activation of your status as a MKhost client based on prior contract, you will be provided with the instructions for services use. Instructions will include your username and password. You are responsible to keep submitted information confidential and not share them with anyone. You are also responsible for all activities coming from that username unless established otherwise. You also agree to notify MKhost-s administrators on if you notice any suspicious activities, especially those including your username and password.
5. Depending on delivered or contracted services enabled for use, you agree to respect set rules and not exceed or overload agreed specifications, including the amount of information transmitted through communication channels (bandwidth), the number of email user names, web and mail space available for use, etc. If there is an additional contract with MKhost on possible exceeding, you agree to respect it and settle your obligations as claimed in the contract.
6. MKhost agrees to accept pornographic contents if they meet legal criteria such as the intended audience for pornographic contents to be eighteen (18) years old or above, the contents not to include materials of persons under eighteen (18) years of age, etc. Customers are obligated before publication of pornographic materials to further check the source as well as its data. MKhost is not responsible for violation of legal norms by the clients and agrees that if illegal content is found it is obligated to remove it as quickly as possible and suspend the client without prior notice.
7. You as a client of MKhost services also agree not to provide or work with illegal content, or content that violates the copyrights or other rights, including, but not limited to digital audio / visual files, run files, archive files and all other types of files and material resources. You also commit that you will not perform any kind of illegal trade of any legal or illegal resources through MKhost services.
8. You commit to take into consideration local, state and international laws and respect them when posting any kind of data through MKhost services.
9. MKhost also reserves the right to take appropriate measures against users who will use MKhost services in allowing access to illegal contents.
10. You also agree that you will not threaten or collect confidential information on other users, MKhost or any other person or organization. Users also commit to respect the privacy rights of MKhost, other MKhost clients and all stakeholders.
11. If MKhost services are used to collect confidential information via websites, the user agrees that he is bound to set appropriate privacy policy giving visitors / users of the website procedure insight.
12. You agree not to use the services for storing and distributing malicious codes, scripts and any other type of malicious software that may lead to the creation of software or hardware errors, reduce the speed of computer-s operation, or in any way jeopardizing the safety systems of MKhost, clients or other persons and organizations.
13. You agree that you won-t try an illegal access to authorized and trusted parts of other MKhost users or MKhost in any way.
14. You, by using MKhost services agree to post contents that will not discriminate in any way and will not be offensive.
15. You agree that you won-t use MKhost services for distribution of junk email or any other similar material. You also commit to use IRC services according to the given rules in the initial registration.
16. MKhost reserves the right to block, without prior notice the internal and external access to email addresses that do not comply with the terms of use.
17. You commit that you won-t use MKhost services on false and fraudulent activities in no case.
18. MKhost in order to provide quality services to its clients distributes customer and technical support 24 hours a week. The distribution of this support is MKhost-s self initiative and MKhost is not obligated to deliver it 24 hours.
19. Using MKhost hosting services for IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is prohibited and the use of services involving IRC is permitted only on special MKhost servers and services that state and allow that.
20. By using MKhost services, you agree that if any misunderstandings, inconvenience and disharmony arise from the use of services MKhost is not responsible in any way.
21. After the expiry of the time period for using MKhost services, if you want to continue that period, the payment is made until the day or on the day of expiry. After the expiry of the using deadline or contract extension, MKhost without any prior notice suspends or cancels offered services. During this process all your data and files, logs, emails, websites, etc. can be completely erased.
22. For any damage to your business due to current, partial or complete failure of services MKhost does not undertake any responsibility.
23. When you purchase hosting services at MKhost, you agree on creating and keeping data on an external server. MKhost will keep three (3) backups from your hosting data in a one year duration. All hosting data will be deleted 365 days after their creation.
24. MKhost does not guarantee that your content will be returned in its original state in case of unauthorized access (making changes of the content fully or partly), human mistakes (unintentional deleting the website data), or in case of any disaster (software or hardware failure of MKhost’s servers which can cause data loss - partially or completely).
25. By a client’s request, MKhost can provide a service: restoring data from a remote backup server by a price of 1990 denars + 18%. MKhost does not refund the price for this service if the client is not satisfied with the state of the restored data.
26. In a case of termination of the hosting services caused by an unsettled debt, if the client wants to take over his data, the client is obligated to pay 1990 denars + 18% VAT. If the client wants to continue using MKhost services after the termination, the client is obligated to pay all the unsettled debts and to pay additional 1990 denars + 18% in order to restore the data which were previously available on the hosting plan. MKhost does not refund the price for this service if the client is not satisfied with the state of the restored data.
27. If a client with terminated hosting services settles all of the debts in duration of 15 days, MKhost by a request of the client can execute a backup from a local server. This service costs 990 denars + 18% VAT (one time payment).
28. MKhost allows selective data recovery from a local backup. This service costs 990 denars + 18% VAT (one time payment).
29. MKhost guarantees two free backups from a local server per year. The next backups will cost 990 denars + 18% VAT.
30. Discounts for purchasing/renewing a particular service can't be combined into one. If a potential client has available various possibilities of discounts (discount coupon, ongoing promotion from MKhost, etc), only one can be chosen.
31. If the hosting is purchased on a monthly level, the hosting migration (from other hosting provider to MKhost, or from MKhost to other hosting provider) costs 990 denars + 18% VAT for one time only. Additional support which is not connected with server issues costs 990 denars + 18% VAT.
32. The maximum number of emails sent from a domain registered in MKhost within 1 hour is 250 messages. All messages sent through this number will not be sent and will be placed in line. Also, if 40% of the messages you send are invalid and they are returned or rejected by the email servers where you are attempting to send there protection at the server level for each account, and this limit is reset at any hour. All messages sent above this limit will not be successfully sent.
For any questions or information concerning terms of use or MKhost services, contact us.