Activate our Premium Support addon for priority in problem solving and a number of additional support benefits

Standard support

Professional support by our trained team

With every purchase

Premium Support

Professional support and priority in problem solving

16.34 EUR/Monthly
Priority in problem solving
Creating an unlimited number of e-mail accounts
Scan with CXS
Communication with other providers about problems
Finding older logs
Theme instalation (up to 2 a month)
Standardized link change (once on each domain)
Problem in sending and receiving e-mails
Migration of a new hosting on a carrier domain
Platform installation (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal)
Setting up proper php settings
Setting up domain redirections
Change of DNS and DNS records
Forwarders on e-mail addresses
Free statistics (iNodes)
Resources usage
Solving server problems
Analysis and detection of design problems

Need more help? Try our one-time Premium Support options

Our one-time Premium Support options can be used at any time for any of your products or services purchased from us.
Addon domain registration

Full migration of one addon domain to your hosting account in MKhost.

€16.95 /domain
Google Cloud backup

Restore or download full backup of your account that was created months or years ago.

€34.07 /backup

Backup restoration from daily or weekly backup for specific files.

Full restore from secondary backup

Restore the backup in full, including all files, databases, emails for a specific hosting account.